Performance – 6.23.14 (Injury Prevention)

Injury Prevention – is an effort to prevent or reduce the severity of bodily injuries caused by external mechanisms, such as accidents, before they occur.

The majority of our injuries are overuse injuries, stemming from the repetitive nature of endurance sports. When there’s an imbalance in the body that makes it function slightly out of alignment, piling on mile after mile of training can begin to grate on the body, leading to inflammation and excessive wear on the tissues. Yoga poses facilitate a self-awareness that can help you notice your own skeletal misalignments.
Constant physical, mental and emotional stress overtaxes the sympathetic nervous system (your fight or flight response) and the adrenal glands. Yoga helps to engage the parasympathetic nervous system (allowing you to relax and save energy) and restore balance to the body. This helps you sleep better, recover faster and enjoy yourself more.
BOOK – “The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga” by Sage Rountree.

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