Performance Yoga – 7.7.14 (Breath Awareness)

As we continue into our second month of our “Performance Yoga” class, we are moving deeper into our understanding and connection to our breath.  There are a lot of questions that rise from taking a deeper look at your body’s most basic sequence of events to survive.  Feel free to post a response below :).

Breath Awareness.

Breath awareness is paying close and interested attention to the breath.  Do not work to change it; merely observe it in its natural habitat.
Notice the details.  INHALATION.  How does it feel to breathe through the nose?  Are both nostrils equally clear?  What is the temperature of the air as it enters your nose?  Can you feel its passage down into your lungs?  What motions in your body work to initiate the breath?  What parts of your body move to receive the breath?  In what direction?  How does it feel to be completely full of air?
Notice the details.  EXHALATION.  As you exhale, where does the action begin?  What parts of your body move on exhalation, and in which direction is their movement?  What temperature is the air as it leaves through your nose?  As you approach the bottom of your exhalation, is there room to breathe out even more air?  How does it feel to be totally empty?
Now notice the transition from exhalation to inhalation.  Is there a discernible shift of direction there?  What is its energy?  At the other end of the breath, as inhalation turns to exhalation, how does that feel?  What is its energy?
How long does each breath take?  How long is the inhalation, and how long is the exhalation?  Are there noticeable pauses at the top of each breath after inhalation, and at the bottom of each breath after exhalation?

BOOK – “The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga” by Sage Rountree.

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