Winston Salem RoadRunners – 7.13.14 (Calvin Johnson)

Yesterday was the second time I was privileged to work with the Winston Salem RoadRunners.  The group contacted Yoga Mindset (through the awesome Cindy Howard Clayton) to provide yoga for their runners (ages 11-16) in preparation for a national track meet in a few weeks.  As we continue to work through poses and sequences, I felt it important to let them know just how significant yoga is to popular professional athletes.  Our focus was on Calvin Johnson this week.  I linked the article below, but also provided some excerpts.

via CBS Detroit.

Once Reluctant, NFL Players Say Yoga Is Not Just For Girls Anymore

These days, Johnson just does the workout on his own.

“Whatever I’m feeling, if I need to work on my hamstrings, if I need a full-body deal or if I just need to work on my hips, whatever needs work,” Johnson said.

“I’ve seen definitely a positive impact from just being loose in my hips, hamstrings,” Johnson added. “I know it’s something that worked for me. I’ve just been doing it ever since.”

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