Yoga Mindset July Workshop – 7.20.14 (Worry and Support)

After a great day of training with Stacy Smith from AFAA, Kelle Yokeley (Owner of Yoga Mindset) and I lead a workshop from 1pm-5pm yesterday.  The workshop focused on helping these fantastic yogis become a little more prepared for leading a class by practicing sequence que-ing, common verbal, proximity and hands-on adjustments, along with building a positive and safe environment for their students.  It was truly a wonderful afternoon :).  I was honored to teach the Master Class to start the workshop.  I was drawn to a meditation regarding worry and support.  I do my best to enter each class with the mindset that I will support my students.  Kelle and I provided that support to these four awesome yogis and I can’t wait to see them extend it to others!  You can find that meditation below.  Feel free to leave your thoughts below.  Thanks for reading!

Violence to Others
  “We can’t save people, or fix them.  All we can do is model, and that points the finger back at us.”

  When we try to take someone out of their challenge or suffering, we take them out of the environment that offers them a rich learning experience.  We are in a sense, cutting them off from the power of growing stronger, more competent, and more compassionate.
  We need to trust suffering and trust challenges and trust mistakes; they are what refine us when we don’t run from them.  There is nothing to fix or save in another; there is only the gift of listening.  People need a safe place to “hear themselves.”
  Worry is another way violence gets masked as caring.  Worry is a lack of faith in the other and cannot exist simultaneously with love.  Worry says I don’t trust you to do your life right.  Worry comes from a place of arrogance that I know better what should be happening in your life.
  Whereas support meets the other person on equal playing ground with equal ability and is able to sit with more awe and respect than answers.
  When we can truly love and accept all of our self, compassion begins to blossom in our hearts, and we begin to see others with different eyes.

Book – “The Yamas and Niyamas” by Deborah Adele

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