Performance Yoga – 8.25.14 (5 Important Visualization Tips)

When I first came with the realization that I wanted to provide a class for folks that utilize athletics, hobbies and sports, I didn’t have a clear direction on where I wanted to go.  I’m excited that I now feel that I have a direction.  I am excited to learn more about visualization techniques and start to bring them to my Monday evening classes.  I fell in love with how Yoga connects the body to the mind over the course of a practice.  The bond created there provides a person much needed ownership.  I feel that that bond allows for a lot of freedom throughout the thought process.  It lets you experience the moment more clearly and with yourself.  There is no equipment or other materials needed … just you :).  

Check out the Visualization Tips below and thanks for reading :).

5 Important Visualization Tips

(from the personal growth library)

Relax:  Visualization works best when you are completely relaxed. Before any visualization session, lie down or sit in a straight-backed chair with your feet on the ground.  Keep your spine straight.  Do a few minutes of meditation in order to quiet your mind and relax fully.

Set Your Intention:   Identify what you truly desire.  What do you truly want?  Do you believe it can exist for you?  Take time with this step.

Focus On What You Want, Not What You Don’t Want:  We see what we look for.  In visualizing, and in life in general, the more you focus on what you don’t want, the more you seem to get it.  Keep your focus solidly on what you want.  For example, instead of thinking “eliminate stress,” focus on “being perfectly healthy and relaxed.”

Don’t Struggle:  Visualizing may be difficult at first, but don’t struggle or try too hard.  People say visualizing is like holding a bird:  hold it too loose and you lose it; hold it too tightly and you   crush it.  Keep your concentration as if you’re holding the bird.  Also, if you’re having a hard time, return to your intention. Do you truly want what you’re visualizing?  Or, is it something you think you “should” be, do, or have?

Express Your Highest Self:  Visualizations work best when they express your highest self and your highest aspirations.


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