Flow w/Fred – 9.11.14 (YFD – Meditation and Mindfulness)

Conflict on the inside and outside causes stress.  Where the problem can begin is when we believe the interior conflict is too much for the world.  We fear that the world will look at us with disgust, judgment and shock.  I have allowed the depth of my own mind to scare me on several occasions.  We all have.  The human mind is capable of going to some very dark and disturbing places.  Take a moment to look at some of the truly mesmerizing and dark movies that have been made over the years.  Our minds can cause so much internal conflict based on how we interpret our childhood and the situations we experience as we age.  The internal conflict arises because we try to hide these thoughts.  We don’t want to have them.  They’re wrong.  They’re disturbing.  And they’re disgusting.  We tell ourselves these things.  But can you truly control your mind?

Yoga allows us a freedom from the judgment of us.  It is sometimes hardest to satisfy your own picture of what you should be.  And this picture is manipulated and formed from our childhood and the expectations other relationships (personal, professional, etc).  Yoga allows us a place where it is okay to let the mind pour out.  It is okay to let the wrong, disturbing and disgusting cascade across.  When we repress our thoughts, we create an internal conflict.  The internal conflict becomes stress.  Stress keeps us from enjoying the present moment and living life to the fullest.  So the next time you find yourself at a red light, waiting in line at the grocery store or during your meditation on your mat, remember that it is okay to let the thoughts cascade across like the drops from a waterfall.  They are just passing by and we are not bound to them.  Be mindful.

The practices we do simply strip away the obstacles we’ve accumulated in our daily lives, so that we can be conscious of our wholeness even in our disappointments and our pain.  But the practices of Yoga, including meditation, will purify your mind and body so that there is less constriction, less room for depression, and more room to experience the ecstasy of your wholeness, to experience every moment in your life.

“That state is some thing that is happening and available all the time.  We merely notice it more when we use special methods.  It gives us a taste of what it’s like not to be in conflict inside, to be open to what’s happening.  We feel more energy, we are more creative and the mind is clearer.”

Mindfulness is the technique used to develop insight into the nature of the self and the universe.  The simplest example given is that if you have never meditated before and close your eyes and are quiet, the first insight that may come is that the mind jumps all over the place and is less in your control than you might have imagined.  As you watch your thoughts and feelings rise and fall, the idea of impermanence is revealed.

When, over time, we observe our thoughts, it is easy to see that much of our reactions to our present circumstances are the result of the stories we have made out of the events of our lives.  We have stories about our childhoods that rationalize our adult behavior.  We have stories about our relationships that explain their failures to ourselves.  What would happen if we dropped our stories?  Might we be able to engaged with others without the limits of our preconceived notions about the way things usually turn out?

BOOK – “Yoga for Depression” by Amy Weintraub


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