PERFORMANCE YOGA – 10.13.14 (The Race – Part 1)

I spent a number of basketball practices in my youth frustrated.  Why am I making the same mistake over and over?  I see it on film, my coach points it out, and I feel it happening, but the mistake occurs again.  Why doesn’t my body connect to my brain and vice versa?  You may have experienced this in athletics, social life, professional life and/or other hobbies.  It can be extremely defeating.  We work so hard to become better at our craft just to see negativity destroy us from the inside out.

Our internal and external perspectives need to be connected.  Visualizations are extremely powerful because you and I created the image we want internally.  The mind gets to do the work.  We want to take that image with us to the external.  We want to be done with the same mistakes that plague us and our performance.  As a coach (10U AAU, middle school basketball, football, tennis and high school basketball and tennis), I spent many seasons in frustration at players.  Never once did I understand the concept of internal and external perspectives.  I allowed ignorance and my experiences with past coaches to frame my perception of excellence.  There is a lot more depth to an athlete and you than you might know.  How you exercise and workout internally is just as significant as the body you see externally.

Key Component
Internal/External Perspective – Internal perspective refers to visualizing the sport or event through the performer’s eye. External perspective refers to watching your performance on a video screen or from a spectator’s position in the stands. Although influenced by individual preferences, some experts say internal imagery is preferred for competition focusing while external imagery is better for correcting errors. Key is to see and feel yourself performing the way you want.

Getting Ready for the Race Visualization –

And you start … getting prepared… into your track outfit…. and you are picking up your spikes and putting them on… and you are sauntering across to the blocks… making sure you are in the right lane…
and everything around you goes quiet….. and you focus on your breathing… and you settle into the blocks… and your eyes are looking straight ahead… that track is curving round like railway lines…..
and in your mind you can see yourself exploding out of the blocks…. Relaxing along the straight…. sling shot off the bend…. and hurtling towards the line….
and as you are thinking about that you are getting ready… and something inside you settles…. falls into place…. and your focus is on those lines….
and you are breathing gently and easily…. your muscles are like coils of steel….
And shot goes … and you are off….
And you explode out of those blocks… and it’s like someone else is doing the running…. you feel that power in you… feel that surge growing in you…. you are exploding down there…. cleanly out of the blocks… straight on… roaring down that track….

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