YAMAS AND NIYAMAS – 11.25.14 (APARIGRAHA – How Many Bags?)

I’m excited!  It’s vacation time!  I’m fortunate to head down to Myrtle Beach, SC a little later today with my amazing parents.  Mom decided it was time to try something a tad different for Thanksgiving and I’ll all for it.  So I’m faced with this question – just how many bags am I taking?

The question is both literal and metaphorical.  In the literal sense, I have yet to pack and am left with two potential tracks to follow.  Take everything that I “think” I will need during the trip or pack lightly with an openness to the moments that will transpire.  I can take as many of the possessions as possible, but how might that affect the trip?  Do I dare limit the amount of bags I pack or do I load up the Element?

In the metaphorical sense, I could easily pack my past, current and future thoughts.  I could take all three of those bags with me on the trip.  My past does help to provide a picture of who I have become, but it is the present moment that truly defines me.  Do I need to take my past and the vision I want for the future with me?

So as we embark later today, those questions and these come to my mind.  In the physical realm, do I need the weight of possessions during my trip?  In the metaphorical realm, do I need the weight of my past and the expectations of my future during my trip?  Pack light, leave the past and expectations, and enjoy the moment.  Sounds like a good mantra for the week.  Just some thoughts :).

Have a great time this holiday with friends and family!

Just How Many Bags are you Taking?

The day before we were to leave, I said, “Ashly, we have to make plans.”  “Grandma,” she said, “that’s the whole point of getting away; make it easy, don’t take anything, not even plans.”

I found myself stunned at the simplicity of her understanding of retreat time.  In my mind I reviewed the large amounts of packing and preparation that had always burdened my retreat time.  Exited at the opportunity, I leaped into this new challenge before me to “taking nothing with me.”

In fact, how many suitcases full of expectations, tasks, plans, resentments, and unforgiven moments was I toting around with me every day?  Even airlines know to charge a fine when we pack over the limit I thought to myself, and yet I wonder how many of us are packing over the limit every morning and wearying ourselves through the day with this heavy baggage?

This craziness we do to ourselves is as silly as if we carried a heavy load of bricks around all day and continued to add more to our pile.

Pack light for the journey.  Strip yourself to raw nakedness and vulnerability.  This is the invitation of nonpossessiveness.  Are we up to the unpacking?

Book – “The Yamas and Niyamas” by Deborah Adele

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