Trauma Release Process – 01.29.15 (Life is Traumatic)

Last week we started a new book in my Thursday night “Flow with Fred” class.  “The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process” by David Berceli.  The first few pages do a wonderful job of discussing how each one of us has been affected by trauma.  Yes, the events that have happened to me may or may not be more traumatic than the events of your life.  Trauma is completely in eye of the one affected.  Therefore, we have no business ridiculing or simple pushing to the side the stories that friends, family and complete strangers pass entrust us with.

The stress we accumulate throughout our days is unnecessary.  When we stay at war with our past and future selves, we will stay anxious and become stressful.  There are several studies that outline the effects of stress on the human body.  Where we can find comfort is in the Now.  Let go of the difficult and tense and replace those thoughts with the excitement of right now!

We will all continue to experience trauma in our lives.  Where we have power is in how we choose to respond to the events.  Will we stay rooted in fear and anxiety or will we choose to remain joyful in the moments that we have?  Life is traumatic … for us all.  Please don’t feel like you’re alone in this world … because you’re not :).

Life is Traumatic

Throughout our lives, we continually face the possibility of painful experiences.  Though some of us lead easier, less stressful lives than others, none of us escape difficult times entirely.

By resisting what we don’t like, we actually compound our discomfort.  By being at war with ourselves, we make ourselves anxious and our days stressful.  Life gets more difficult, and we become even more tense.

However, it’s not the events that cause the damage to our health.  It’s how we respond to them.

BOOK – “The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process” by David Berceli (BUY IT!)

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