About YogaFred

Hi! My name is Fred.  I am a Master Trainer and E-RYT200 Yoga Instructor through YogaFit.  

  • I have completed the following trainings: Level 1 (also Level 1 – Integration), 2, 3, 4, and 5 plus Anatomy, Balancing Moods, Fit & Focused Kids in the Classroom, Healing Emotional and Physical Trauma through Yoga, Injury Prevention & Recovery, Kids, Pranayama, Primary Care, Props, Restorative Therapeutics, Seniors, Warrior Kids, YogaBack, YogaFit for Athletes, YogaFit for Warriors and Yoga Nidra.
  • I have lead 80+ yoga teacher trainings throughout the United States and one training in Taipei, Taiwan.
  • I am a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider.  I provide monthly workshops for local yoga instructors to meet the “Continuing Education Requirements” (https://www.yogaalliance.org/Credentialing/ContinuingEducation) every three years.


I am available to provide certified yoga instruction and motivational speaking to athletic groups/teams, corporate groups, individual private sessions and primary care offices.  I also provide trauma-sensitive yoga monthly through my workshop series, “Managing Anxiety & Depression with Yoga.”  Please use the “Contact Me” menu above to get in touch with me. Yoga is changing my life and I would love to pass on my knowledge to you!

A little more about me.  I am an athlete turned yogi.   I have competed in triathlons, played ice hockey, USTA tennis and a number of other activities.  My initial experience with Yoga was during my rock climbing days. I wanted a dynamic means of stretching and I found it.  I fell in love with Yoga almost instantly. There was a problem though. I wouldn’t let my mind go. I fought the mental benefits of Yoga for a couple of years being a stereotypical guy.  When I finally did let go and allow the physical and mental benefits to gel, Yoga fully became a huge part of my life. I balance my physical body with power and restorative Yoga sequences.   Yoga keeps my body strong and helps prevent injuries so I can enjoy the active lifestyle that I love. I balance my mind by diving into books to gain knowledge from experts around the world. Yoga lets my mind rest in the present moment which accentuates each opportunity that I have to enjoy life.  I balance how much I give and take from this world by reflecting on the Yamas and Niyamas daily throughout life situations.

Stay curious because this world has so much to offer when we are released from the grip of the past and the uncertainty of the future.