Tuesdays @ Triad Fitness/Thomasville YMCA – 8.26.14 (Satya – Do It Right the First Time)

I am the world’s worst at saying “no.”  I love the idea of being able to experience as much as humanly possible in life.  Right now my hobbies include playing guitar at a church in Thomasville, playing ice hockey on two different teams in Greensboro, practicing Yoga in my own free time and was training for triathlons throughout the summer.  I didn’t even mention my addiction to movies and watching them either at the house or in the theater.  And then there is my job as a middle school math/science teacher.  I love finding fun and interesting things for us to study and do in class (we recently did a lab demonstration titled … “Urine Trouble!” haha!)  As I said, I like to experience as much as I possibly can in every twenty-four hours that I am blessed with.  

My point in sharing all of this is that I often make promises to myself about my time.  And this is where the word “no” comes in.  I do not allow a lot of time for interruptions, rest or play in my schedule.  I make a lot of commitments to myself about how productive I can be.  There is an episode of the TV show “Brooklyn 99” where the captain on the show seeks to get his staff to be uber-efficient.  I won’t lie and say that the extreme OCD side of me (clothes organized by the color spectrum and cleaning supplies alphabetized by brand name) doesn’t wish that uber-efficiency.  Here is the problem though, I lie to myself.  And I do it a lot.

The biggest lie that I’ve been telling myself throughout the summer and into the school year is that I will work out each morning at 5:15am.  Do you know how many times I’ve done it?  Two.  I have a calendar reminder that I get on my watch and on my phone.  It wasn’t until about a week ago that I finally deleted it.  It was stressing me out.  I would lie to myself and then turn around and be ticked off because I wasn’t being honest or trustworthy.  I can only do so much in a span of twenty-four hours.  And using that time to be upset and frustrated isn’t productive.  

I don’t know it all, but I like learning with the folks that I lead in yoga.  I like bringing these meditations because I hope they touch each Yogi as much as they do me.

Do It Right the First Time

Mantra – I promise not to make promises.

How much time do you spend having to find someone you were a little harsh with and apologize?  Or go back and tell someone you can’t really do what you said you would do?  Or maybe you spend your time and energy trying to avoid that person because of your own embarrassment.  How often do you avoid things you dislike, like writing your will or facing your finances?  These are all acts of cheating truth that result in messes we eventually have to clean up.

I make promises to myself and others that don’t allow for the reality of interruptions, rest, or play.  Then I either have to backtrack on my promises or find myself out of balance keeping up with the too many commitments I have made because of my dishonesty with myself.

We must be willing to take the risk to tell ourselves the truth and grow ourselves into someone who can trust themselves.  Being truthful with ourselves makes us trustworthy and frees up all the time we normally spend in guilt and regret from our dishonesty.  Truth saves us from having to clean up; and as a bonus, we get to learn something in the process.

Book – “The Yamas and Niyamas” by Deborah Adele

Tuesdays @ Triad Fitness/Thomasville YMCA – 8.12.14 (Satya – Self Expression vs Self-Indulgence)

Are you who you want to be or are you who someone else wants you to be?  As the world saw the sad passing of comedic legend Robin Williams (who touched everyone’s heart in some way, shape or form), it truly asks us to take a moment to self-reflect.  Robin gave his life to being alive on the exterior.  He was vibrant, gifted and like no one else that was or will ever be.  You could feel his energy through a TV screen, a movie theater and if you had the benefit of meeting him in person (like several accounts online have stated).  It was truly sad to hear that he ended his own life, so it asks us to take an inventory on where we are on the scale of self-expression versus self-indulgence.  When we put others first, there is an opportunity to make someone’s day more amazing than they ever thought possible.  However, if you are packaging yourself and not allowing these folks to see you as you truly are, then it can ultimately be destructive.  Don’t forget how awesome you are :).  You’re at your best when you’re alive and letting the world see that energy.  Go live!  CARPE DIEM!

Self-Expression vs Self-Indulgence

Mantra – I am like no one else who ever was or who could ever be.

When we habitually silence and distort ourselves, we begin to lose our lust for life and look towards other things to fulfill us.  We forget that we are here on this earth to self-express in a way no one else ever has or ever could.

Often we find ourselves hiding by overeating or overworking, rather than doing what we really want to do.

Everyone around us benefits from the aliveness that we feel.  So suppressing that life, for whatever reason, takes a lot of our life energy just in the managing of the pretending.

In all the ways we package ourselves and protect ourselves, or when we choose the safety of belonging over the inner need to grow we also dull ourselves.

Book – “The Yamas and Niyamas” by Deborah Adele

Tuesdays @ Triad Fitness/Thomasville YMCA – 8.5.14 (Satya – Being Real Rather than Nice)

New month, new focus for Tuesday evenings.  Last month we focused on Ahimsa and nonviolence.  Take a moment to look back in the archives if you’d like to do a little reading about our meditations :).

August finds us now meditating on Satya.  Satya is often translated to mean “truthfulness.”  In last night’s class, we focused on two words.  Nice and real.  I struggle with being nice.  I fall into the trap of putting others and their thoughts, feelings, emotions above mine most of the time.  Being a middle school math/science teacher and a yoga instructor, you would think that being nice would be an excellent personality characteristic in leading groups of people.  But in doing so, I’m not being truthful to myself or to that person.  In the meditation below, I found myself rethinking how I interact with others and also myself.  It is very easy to fall into the trap of saying nice things to ourselves to get us through the day.  I’m definitely guilty of this.  There is a lot of power in being “real.”  Read below and I hope to practice with you soon!

Be Real Rather than Nice

Mantra – I honor the present moment.

“A lie would make no sense unless the truth was felt to be dangerous.”

Why do we lie?  Are we afraid to hurt someone’s feelings or afraid if we told the truth we would not be liked or admired anymore?

Nice is an illusion, a cloak hiding lies.  It is an imposed image of what one thinks they should be.  It is a packaging of self in a presentable box, imposed by an outer authority.  People who are “nice” hold truth inside until they reach a breaking point and then they become dangerously inappropriate.

Real is something we might not always like in another, but we come to know there will be no surprises.  Real, though not always pleasant, is trustworthy.  

What is driving you to distort yourself or silence yourself to say yes when you mean no?  What is so dangerous in the moment about the truth that you are choosing to lie?

Book – “The Yamas and Niyamas” by Deborah Adele