Performance Yoga – 11.3.14 (Master the Mental Skills – Goal Setting)

In last night’s Performance Yoga class, we took a leap into Jim Afrenow’s book “A Champion’s Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive.”  I decided to bring this book because I think the author understands the mind-body connection in the personal, professional and active sides of our lives.  There are lots of amazing things found inside and I cannot wait to share them with my yogis and you.  So here we go!

Chapter two starts with “Master the Mental Skills.”  Mental skill number one is goal setting.  In our approach last night, we began class by focusing on our goal for Yoga.  What brings us each and every class?  I’ve stated here before that my initial reason was purely physical.  I wanted to strengthen, tone and keep my body from injuries.  So my goal was easily met.  Your initial goal might also be for the physical presently in your practice and that is fantastic.  However, there is a mental side to that two-sided coin.

As we completed our modified Sun A, you could feel the energy in the room and I posed a question for us.  What is our goal for the internal?  The author asks us to focus on the positive so statements like “I’m gaining mental muscle” or “There is focus in me” are encouraged.  At the end of the day, you are your best advocate.  You know what is going on in the internal and have the ability to set goals to have the life you wish to lead.  I’m excited for you!  Today is a new day and right now is a new moment.  Dig deeper than the physical and search the mental today.  What will be your goal?

Master the Mental Skills – Goal Setting

A mind-over-matter approach doesn’t develop overnight.  Follow the same learning process used to develop your physical skills: repetition (deliberate and daily mental practice) and reinforcement (feeling good about your efforts by saying things like “I’m gaining mental muscle.”).

Goal Setting – Think It, Then Ink It

The important thing is that you define your objectives and clarify what it will take to get there.  There are several potential benefits of this goal setting.
1.  Specifically, goals can increase your drive, your effort, and your will to strive and succeed.
2.  Goals can also increase your awareness of performance strengths and areas in need of improvement.
3.  They can light the path that will get you to where you want to end up.

They key is to identify which goals are most important to you and then write them down and display them in a location where you can look to them for motivation, such as on your bedroom wall.  Then set your sights on strategically taking your goals one at a time.
–  Is my goal specific?
–  Is my goal measurable?
–  Is my goal positive?
–  Is my goal inspiring?
–  Is my goal displayed?

BOOK – “The Champion’s Mind:  How Great Athletes think, train and thrive.” by Jim Afremow  (BUY IT!)